Build your own tech startup already.

Got what it takes to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Now you can prove it by playing Hipster CEO - the world's only (and therefore best) tech startup simulator. Compete directly against players across the world and bring your scrappy virtual startup right to the top of the tech world.

We launched version one nearly a year ago and now we're building on top of that with tons of improvements.

Available in 2015, you'll be able to run your online virtual startup and compete with other wannabe entrepreneurs around the world. Counter-offer a competitor for that rockstar developer, acquire that pesky underdog who threatens to disrupt you and out-innovate to win market share!

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Nothing beats the real thing

Artificial intelligence is all well and good but nothing compares to being the best amongst real, actual people. The new Hipster CEO is all online.

Keep it lean, dude

Do your market research, build your MVP on pennies and launch lean. Or burn through a few million on a To-Do app in 6 months. It's up to you.

Initially for iOS

Launching on iOS - Android is a good possibility.

Want to download the older version?

Get it here.

New Features

Great ready for some real competition

Hipster CEO is going to be a massive multiplayer online experience. You'll need to compete for staff, office space & media attention to stand a chance of winning what counts - customers, duh.

Don't sweat the small stuff

Don't want to control every little detail in your startup? That's cool. Assign your senior developer as project manager, outsource hiring to a recruitment agency. It's all good, dude.

Innovate and disrupt

Giving a chance to the little guy since 2013. Make your product innovative enough and you'll disrupt the major players in your industry.

Oldies but goodies

Bootstrap or boot up your pitch deck

Your startup's path will vary wildly depending on whether you offer it up to the gods of venture capital so choose wisely.

Pick the right market

Choose a price point that satisfies (or isolates) your market niches. Assign your best salespeople to the more profitable customers.

Keep your staff fired up

Maintaining a healthy, enthusiastic team of staff is pretty tough but nail it and you're halfway towards success. Kit your office out with the newest toys and watch their happiness soar.

Didn't you guys launch already?

Hipster CEO was originally an iOS exclusive, released back in 2013.

It validated the idea that people out there would play a tech simulation game. It had a few bugs (okay, a lot of bugs) and got repetitive after a while.

The main feature requested by players was the ability to interact with one another's startups and this just wasn't possible given the layout of the previous game (different players play at different speeds, for example). This is why a whole new approach is being taken, rather than just an upgrade.

Hipster CEO will still be available on the App Store, but I think you'll like the new one better.

What people have said so far

"Wonderful, absolutely perfect"

- Minecrafter321

"This game is great...lots of fun"

- Redd500

"A must-have iOS app"

- Ben Foard

"At last, there’s a game built around running a startup."

- Matthew Lynley, BuzzFeed

"This app is a great bit of fun that can keep you entertained for hours."

- Adrian Collins,

Should you not be in work?

- Phil the Barman, Cassidy's Bar, Dublin

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