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Hipster CEO.

Build a killer startup. Or whatever.

Want to taste the startup life? Download Hipster CEO and bring your very own startup from your dorm room to the top of the tech world.

"This is a must-have iOS app"

Ben Foard; 5 Star Review


Find out if you're a Zuckerberg or a Winklevoss with the only startup sim on iOS.

Crack the whip or spoil staff rotten?

Are you here to build a business or make friends, bro? Hire that rockstar hacker & fire that dud developer. Buy a ping pong table for the common room. Throw a rager for the Christmas Party. Whatevs.

Advertising? Ewww.

Research profitable market niches. Are you trying to exploit teens or pander to fashion models? Pick a marketing strategy that appeals the most to your different niches and see your traffic soar.

Stacks on stacks on stacks.

Choose a price point that satisfies (or isolates) your market niches. Assign your best salespeople to the more profitable customers. Grow sales steadily or you'll attract too much competition.

Take your time; hurry up.

Get some traction and watch the investment offers pour in. Choose wisely, young Padawan; sometimes investors will want more than just equity.

Prove yourself online.

Compare your startup against other Hipster CEOs from around the world. Build up that bank account and spend it on luxury items like yachts, cars and penthouses.

Carry on, my wayward son.

Work towards profitability. Spiral towards debt-driven doom. Face the embarrassment of your friends and the "I told you so" wrath of your parents. Rip it up and start again. Attack your next startup with the skills you've earnt from the previous one.

"Highly Addictive - I am going to have to be careful with this one, else I might get carried away with a fictional startup and not my real one!"

Jaworrom; App Store Review

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